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The flavors of Northern Thailand mixed with California’s best ingredients.

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About Chef Wawa


I grew up in the northern part of Thailand helping my family run a street food restaurant in the city of Chiang Mai.  My mom opened her restaurant 40 years ago.  From a young age, I was always in the kitchen helping her.  As I cut vegetables, I watched how she transformed fresh ingredients into the beloved dishes of our region of the country.


When I came to the United States in 2013, I longed for the dishes that I grew up making and eating. Few Thai restaurants in the U.S. prepare Northern Thai dishes authentically. I was also surprised to see that many Thai restaurants in the states use commercially prepared curry pastes rather than grinding them fresh every day as I was taught to do.


My passion since then has been to cook and share this food with family, friends, and customers so that they may experience the exotic flavors of my heritage. I hope you enjoy your dinner: a meal whose roots have traveled from the kitchen of my mother to the table.

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